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Calvary Faith Baptist Church

"Taking the love of Christ to the Heart of North Carolina"

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                                                                                  Danny & Debbie Adkins
     I grew up in a Christian home in Valdosta, GA. From my earliest days I heard the Gospel story of Jesus and His loving work for sinners. About the age of five years, I believed the Word of God as it pertained to the Person and work of Jesus and called upon Him to be my Savior. Shortly thereafter I was baptized and began my Christian journey.
     Influenced by faithful Christians, primarily my daddy, and immersed in the preaching and teaching of God's Word, I soon developed a love for the things of God, especially my local church so that from childhood I desired to be involved in ministering to the saints in some particular way(s). God's hand was in this, and as early as age five or six I began to serve by singing in a children's choir in church. My music ministry grew to include more singing, playing an instrument, and leading the choir and/or the congregational singing.
     My teaching ministry began in my teen years with a Junior's teacher asking me to substitute for his class. From there, I have had the privilege of teaching every class group from the K's to the Seniors.
      I met my wife-to-be in March 1985.  One year to the day later, Debbie and I were married and began not only a new life together but a life-long ministry together, serving literally from the nursery to the pulpit.  She, too, was raised in a Christian 
home and grew to love the things of the Lord at an early age, so our lives blended perfectly right from the start.
     The Lord has added five wonderful children to our lives, and they are faithfully co-serving with us in various ways.  Each one has accepted Christ as personal Savior and seems to have a heart for the things of Christ and His Word.  I pray that as they leave our home to pursue their own lives that their faith will continue as in the past.
     In 1992, the Lord began to "stir the nest," as a preacher friend of mine used to say, and Debbie and I launched our family into a faith-testing time of following the Lord's direction one step at a time.  We soon entered Ambassador Baptist College, Lattimore, NC, where I began to prepare for what was then an unknown ministry.  While there, the Lord sovereignly and circumstantially directed us to the pastoral ministry, which we entered full-time in November 1996.
     Since then we have served in churches in GA, IL, and NC. Currently, of course, we are serving here at Calvary Faith and prayerfully and joyfully looking forward to what the Lord has in store as we co-labor with this flock at "taking the love of Jesus to the Heart of North Carolina." 
                                                 - Pastor Danny Adkins